Residential & Working in Germany.

We at "my city real estate" to provide foreign citizens the opportunity to build on the investment in a rented residential or commercial property, a business in Germany and to be able to apply for permanent resident status about.

For people who invest in Germany in a private sector more than 250,000 euros, it is possible to obtain a visa on time.


A conventional commercial is always associated with the disadvantage that you have to constantly worry about what is not certain that the invested capital is increased or even lost. We offer the following solution:

"An investment with a 10% rate of return" a safe and easily from a distance is simultaneously controlling trade.

that are rented residential and commercial properties in Germany with an annual net rental yield in the amount of 10 times the purchase price. These homes are purchased through a special purpose corporation (GmbH or UG). The purchaser has the following advantages:

1. per annum with an investment of up to 10% return

2. inflation and a kries safe investment in tangible assets (real estate) with additional upside potential. Gains from additional revenue can be tax-free in Germany under certain conditions after a holding period of at least 6 to 10 years!

3. Use one of the apartments in the capital required or expansion of a planned for self-use residential unit. For example. Attic loft.

4. Registration address for one (or more) of commercial / business / mailing address ect.


The real estate is connected in Germany with costs.

- one-off costs:

1. the purchase price of the property: with us about 10 times the annual rent, For example. 200,000 €

2. Brokerage fee: 7.14% including VAT on the purchase price.

3. Notary fees: about 3.5%

4. Land transfer tax: 3.5% - 5% (varies from state to state, Berlin is currently the most expensive)

5. our founding fee for a corporation including notary and register costs, taxes and tax consulting agreement. 25,000 Euros including VAT.

- Running Costs:

1. Property Management costs: about 15 - 25 euros per room / per month as an administrative fee, including transfer of funds within Germany or surcharge world..

The cost of the property to be Tax, winter maintenance, street cleaning, garbage disposal, drinking water, wastewater, storm water, insurance, gas, electricity, telephone, satelite or cable TV ... pay the tenant pro rata in the form of monthly operating cost prepayments.

Sure you should also place about 2% or more of income as a reserve for possible upgrades or repairs per year to the side. The property managers can focus on demand for repairs, looking artisans, instruct and control. Similarly, the property managers ensure the re-letting in the event of a change of tenant.

Bottom line, after deduction of all costs an annual return of 6 - be effectively predicted 8%. Plus the increase in property value, so that within 10 years average yield of about 10% excess appears possible and not unrealistic.

The offer to "wrap" property in a corporation to can for the future owners have the advantage that all intellectual property issues that are attributable to the commercial purpose against profits (For example, rental income) may be offsetting capable of also increasing costs. To name a few types of costs: travel expenses, travel expenses, accommodation and entertainment, rent a phone ... etc. Depending on the tax status (option to tax) also refund the 19% tax, depreciation on capital goods ... Please contact us before a decision a tax advisor as we do not belong to the accounting professions and you can place on the basis of which not legally binding and must.

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